Hyperbolic Problems: Theory, Numerics, Applications

eBook - Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems held in Ecole Normale Supérieure, Lyon, July 17-21,2006

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<P>This volume contains papers that were presented at HYP2006, the eleventh international Conference on Hyperbolic Problems: Theory, Numerics and Applications. This biennial series of conferences has become one of the most important international events in Applied Mathematics. As computers became more and more powerful, the interplay between theory, modeling, and numerical algorithms gained considerable impact, and the scope of HYP conferences expanded accordingly.</P>


Plenary Lectures.- General Relativistic Hydrodynamics and Magnetohydrodynamics: Hyperbolic Systems in Relativistic Astrophysics.- On Approximations for Overdetermined Hyperbolic Equations.- Stable Galaxy Configurations.- Dissipative Structure of Regularity-Loss Type and Applications.- Dissipative Hyperbolic Systems: the Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions.- Invited Lectures.- Higher Order Numerical Schemes for Hyperbolic Systems with an Application in Fluid Dynamics.- A Penalization Technique for the Efficient Computation of Compressible Fluid Flow with Obstacles.- Exact Solutions to Supersonic Flow onto a Solid Wedge.- Resonance and Nonlinearities.- L p -Stability Theory of the Boltzmann Equation Near Vacuum.- A Relaxation Scheme for the Two-Layer Shallow Water System.- Group Dynamics of Phototaxis: Interacting Stochastic Many-Particle Systems and Their Continuum Limit.- Vacuum Problem of One-Dimensional Compressible NavierStokes Equations.- Stability and Instability Issues for Relaxation Shock Profiles.- A New hp-Adaptive DG Scheme for Conservation Laws Based on Error Control.- Elliptic and Centrifugal Instabilities in Incompressible Fluids.- On Compressible CurrentVortex Sheets.- On the Motion of Binary Fluid Mixtures.- On the Optimality of the Observability Inequalities for Kirchhoff Plate Systems with Potentials in Unbounded Domains.- Mini-Symposium on Hydraulics.- High Order Finite Volume Methods Applied to Sediment Transport and Submarine Avalanches.- On a Well-Balanced High-Order Finite Volume Scheme for the Shallow Water Equations with Bottom Topography and Dry Areas.- A Simple Well-Balanced Model for Two-Dimensional Coastal Engineering Applications.- A Model for Bed-Load Transport and Morphological Evolution in Rivers:Description and Pertinence.- Contributed Talks.- Homogenization of Conservation Laws with Oscillatory Source and Nonoscillatory Data.- Short-Time Well-Posedness of Free-Surface Problems in Irrotational 3D Fluids.- Mathematical Study of Static Grain Deep-Bed Drying Models.- Finite Volume Central Schemes for Three-Dimensional Ideal MHD.- Finite Volume Methods for Low Mach Number Flows under buoyancy.- Time Splitting with Improved Accuracy for the Shallow Water Equations.- Compact Third-Order Logarithmic Limiting for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Conservation Laws.- A Finite Volume Grid for Solving Hyperbolic Problems on the Sphere.- Capturing Infinitely Sharp Discrete Shock Profiles with the Godunov Scheme.- Propagation of Diffusing Pollutant by a Hybrid EulerianLagrangian Method.- Nonlocal Conservation Laws with Memory.- Global Weak Solutions for a Shallow Water Equation.- Structural Stability of Shock Solutions of Hyperbolic Systems in Nonconservation Form via Kinetic Relations.- A Hyperbolic Model of Multiphase Flow.- Nonlinear Stability of Compressible Vortex Sheets.- Regularity and Compactness for the DiPernaLions Flow.- A Note on L 1 Stability of Traveling Waves for a One-Dimensional BGK Model.- The Weak Rankine Hugoniot Inequality.- Numerical Investigations Concerning the Strategy of Control of the Spatial Order of Approximation Along a Fitted GasLiquid Interface.- Domain Decomposition Techniques and Hybrid Multiscale Methods for Kinetic Equations.- A Shock Sensor-Based Second-Order Blended (Bx) Upwind Residual Distribution Scheme for Steady and Unsteady Compressible Flow.- Artificial Compressibility Approximation for the Incompressible NavierStokes Equations on Unbounded Domain.- Traveling-Wave Solutions for Hyperbolic Systems of Balance Laws.- A Hyperbolic-Elliptic Model for Coupled Well-Porous Media Flow.- High-Resolution Finite Volume Methods for Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy.- Asymptotic Properties of a Class of Weak Solutions to the NavierStokesFourier System.- A New Technique for the Numerical Solution of the Compressible Euler Equations with Arbitrary Mach Numbers.- Monokinetic Limits of the Vlasov-Poisson/Maxwell-Fokker-Planck System.- High-Resolution Methods and Adaptive Refinement for Tsunami Propagation and Inundation.- Young Measure Solutions of Some Nonlinear Mixed Type Equations.- Computing Phase Transitions Arising in Traffic Flow Modeling.- Dafermos Regularization for Interface Coupling of Conservation Laws.- Nonlocal Sources in Hyperbolic Balance Laws with Applications.- Comparison of Several Finite Difference Methods for Magnetohydrodynamics in 1D and 2D.- On Global Large Solutions to 1-D Gas Dynamics.- A Carbuncle Free Roe-Type Solver for the Euler Equations.- WENOCLAW: A Higher Order Wave Propagation Method.- Unsteady Transonic Airfoil Flow Simulations using High-Order WENO Schemes.- The PredictorCorrector Method for Solving of Magnetohydrodynamic Problems.- A Central-Upwind Scheme for Nonlinear Water Waves Generated by Submarine Landslides.- An A Posteriori Error Estimate for Glimms Scheme.- Multiphase Flows in Mass Transfer in Porous Media.- Nonlinear HyperbolicElliptic Coupled Systems Arising in Radiation Dynamics.- The Lagrangian Coordinates Applied to the LWR Model.- Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and Spacetimes with Limited Regularity.- Arbitrary LagrangianEulerian (ALE) Method in Cylindrical Coordinates for Laser Plasma Simulations.- Numerical Aspects of Parabolic Regularization for Resonant Hyperbolic Balance Laws.- Three-Dimensional Adaptive Central Schemes on Unstructured Staggered Grids.- High Amplitude Solutions for Small Data in Pairs of Conservation Laws that Change Type.- Asymptotic Behavior of Riemann Problem with Structure for Hyperbolic Dissipative Systems.- Maximal Entropy Solutions for a Scalar Conservation Law with Discontinuous Flux.- Semidiscrete Entropy Satisfying Approximate Riemann Solvers and Application to the Suliciu Relaxation Approximation.- On the L 2-Well Posedness of an Initial Boundary Value Problem for the Linear Elasticity in Two and Three Space Dimensions.- Intersections Modeling with a Class of Second-Order Models for Vehicular Traffic Flow.- Some Contributions About an Implicit Discretization of a 1D Inviscid Model for River Flows.- Remarks on the Nonhomogeneous Oseen Problem Arising from Modeling of the Fluid Around a Rotating Body.- Multi-D Bony Type Potential for the BoltzmannEnskog Equation.- Convergence of Well-Balanced Schemes for the Initial Boundary Value Problem for Scalar Conservation Laws in 1D.- Stability for Multidimensional Periodic Waves Near Zero Frequency.- Existence of Strong Traces for Quasisolutions of Scalar Conservation Laws.- Path-Conservative Numerical Schemes for Nonconservative Hyperbolic Systems.- Numerical Modeling of Two-Phase Gravitational Granular Flows with Bottom Topography.- Linear Lagrangian Systems of Conservation Laws.- Normal Modes Analysis of Subsonic Phase Boundaries in Elastic Materials.- Large Time Step Positivity-Preserving Method for Multiphase Flows.- Velocity Discretization in Numerical Schemes for BGK Equations.- A SpaceTime Conservative Method for Hyperbolic Systems of Relaxation Type.- A Numerical Scheme Based on Multipeakons for Conservative Solutions of the CamassaHolm Equation.- Consistency of the Explicit Roe Scheme for Low Mach Number Flows in Exterior Domains.- Weak and Classical Solutions for a Model Problem in Radiation Hydrodynamics.- Spectral Analysis of Coupled HyperbolicParabolic Systems on Finite and Infinite Intervals.- Toward an Improved Capture of Stiff Detonation Waves.- Generalized Momenta of Mass and Their Applications to the Flow of Compressible Fluid.- ADERRungeKutta Schemes for Conservation Laws in One Space Dimension.- Strong Boundary Traces and Well-Posedness for Scalar Conservation Laws with Dissipative Boundary Conditions.- A Relaxation Method for the Coupling of Systems of Conservation Laws.- Increasing Efficiency Through Optimal RK Time Integration of Diffusion Equations.- Numerical Simulation of Relativistic Flows Described by a General Equation of State.- On Delta-Shocks and Singular Shocks.- Finite Dimensional Representation of Solutions of Viscous Conservation Laws.- A Moving-Boundary Tracking Algorithm for Inviscid Compressible Flow.- Transparent Boundary Conditions for the Elastic Waves in Anisotropic Media.- Counterflow Combustion in a Porous Medium.- Global Attractor and its Dimension for a KleinGordonSchrödinger System.- A Few Remarks About a Theorem by J. Rauch.- A Riemann Solver Approach for Conservation Laws with Discontinuous Flux.- The Strong Shock Wave in the Problem on Flow Around Infinite Plane Wedge.- The Derivative Riemann Problem for the BaerNunziato Equations.- Stability of Contact Discontinuities for the Nonisentropic Euler Equations in Two-Space Dimensions.- Three-Dimensional Numerical MHD Simulations of Solar Convection.- Large-Time Behavior of Entropy Solutions to Scalar Conservation Laws on Bounded Domain.- A Second-Order Improved Front Tracking Method for the Numerical Treatment of the Hyperbolic Euler Equations.- Simulation of Field-Aligned Ideal MHD Flows Around Perfectly Conducting Cylinders Using an Artificial Compressibility Approach.- Vanishing at Most Seventh-Order Terms of Scalar Conservation Laws.- Large-Time Behavior for a Compressible Energy Transport Model.- Novel Entropy Stable Schemes for 1D and 2D Fluid Equations.

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